******http://ift.tt/2zfFvqv ******You can develop (literally write code) your Website From Scratch In 10 Mins – follow these 6 steps****** We have right tools for you to Accomplish the Challenge – Guaranteed. Just complete 6 steps below and your own website will be ready in 10 Mins: 1> Install Rails from URL (for windows) below http://ift.tt/2y09np3 2> Open command prompt on your windows machine. Go to => Start-> Run – > cmd 3> To create a new web application, type command below rails new koresol.com-rails_tutorial 4> To change directory to a newly created folder, type command below: cd koresol.com-rails_tutorial 5> To start the web server, type command below: rails s 6> To open your web application, open your favorite browser and type URL address below: http://localhost:3000 YAY – you just created your own website, Congratulations!! :) For detailed instructions and developing complex websites, please visit URL below: http://ift.tt/2j0i1kM Cheers, Nitin

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Author: Koresol

Koresol, as an Ecommerce and Mobile Application Development Company strives to create a lasting impression by establishing a legit relationship in aiding the visually and interactively issues that digital business are facing. We directly work with you while providing you a customized, unique solution catered to the areas of your business. We are committed in expanding your business capability while making us as your trusted partner for the future business growth.

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